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Internet Marketing

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The cThru “Three Step” Recipe For Success

Full Analysis of Infrastructure, Goals and Creative

To best achieve internet marketing, cThru would complete an analysis of your web and mobile site SEO, video SEO, landing page productivity, social media sites and Google Analytics. We also review revenue and/or outreach goals in relationship to current advertising plan and budget.

Finally we take a deep dive into the creative and content: What is the message being pushed out? Is there video? Is it mobile friendly? Is the message consistent and timely?


Strategy Prioritization and Execution

It makes little sense to launch a campaign without a strong digital infrastructure in place. We prioritize your internet marketing campaign from the end of the consumer journey back. Once we feel confident in where we are bringing consumers or businesses we focus on the strategy to reach our target audience.

We utilize the combination of platforms and channels from Search, Social, Display, Video and Email to achieve the best outcome within a given budget.

Optimization, Refinement & Results

Advertising or outreach campaigns are rarely perfect from the start. Understanding the keywords that consumers use to find a product or service, how different creatives impact the message delivery and most importantly what converts is a science and an art. We refine campaigns overtime for best results.

Reality is – it is what any good media agency should do, what many tell you they are doing and what most don’t do.

Internet Marketing Services

Digital Audio Advertising

It is long understood the power of audio messaging to connect with audiences.


Audio ads are experiencing a renaissance as advertisers take advantage of digital offerings that provide listeners with greater choice, control and customization of their experience.

Digital audio is a powerful tool for just about any marketer looking to reach virtually any type of audience.

Video Advertising

Video will help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way.


By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US).

Video marketing is one of the most popular tactics for online marketers today, and with good reason: video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of content.

Social Advertising

In a pay-to-play game, social media advertising is a must for brands.


The days of simply posting on social and expecting all your followers to see everything are over. It’s all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys and get people to your site to make a purchase.

Our experts will help with exactly that.

Display Network Advertising

The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience.

Its targeting and remarketing options let you strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time.

eCommerce Advertising

Sell your product 24/7.

Your online store is open round the clock, through the year.

Your customers too can shop at their convenience.

We have proven ROI sales strategies and results for our clients. Let us help you.

Connected TV

Know where your audiences are, and stay connected with them anytime!

CTV It is becoming a powerful open platform that caters directly to a variety of new applications and services to homes. The CTV advertising ecosystem combines expertise from the two worlds: traditional TV and digital marketing.

Target audiences in highly responsive CTV environment delivering 15-second and 30-second full-screen video ads that truly matter. It’s a powerful and efficient way to reach potential consumers through cross-device targeting.

Industry Experts Will Manage Your Campaign


cThru Media is committed to finding the best in class platforms and human talent to serve our clients.

We understand in today’s world there are multiple touch points on the consumer journey, as well as the business journey.

Having the best platform can still be ineffectual without the right strategy. Learn more with your free consultation.