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Xmas in August? Why It’s Time to Plan Holidays Promotions

Leslie Ramey
24 August 2017
The sun is out, and planning holiday promotions is probably the last thing on your mind right now. But it shouldn’t be. Retail businesses do as much as 30% of their sales during the last two months of the year, and restaurants see a big boost too. Ad impressions, click through rates, and conversion rates all increase dramatically. By starting to plan now, you can make the most of the season when shoppers spend the most.



A big consideration when planning for holiday promos is budgeting for them. Because audiences are more engaged with advertising, it makes sense to invest more in the ads you run during the season. You have the opportunity not only to sell more but also to connect with new customers that you can retain throughout the year. If you haven’t already, there’s still time to reallocate funds so that your holiday campaign has maximum reach.

Along with budgeting the money needed to pay for ad campaigns, consider the time needed to create the content itself. Who will be writing the copy and designing the visual layouts? If that’s you or your employee, schedule time now to get these things done. If you’re working with contractors or an agency, let them know what you’ll be needing and send the details as soon as possible. Planning your campaigns now will take some of the stress out of business during the holiday season.

Early Birds

The National Retail Federation reports that 40% of holiday shoppers get started before Halloween. Likewise, holiday shopping guides will be choosing the products and deals they feature as early as September. Sorting out your promotions and choosing which guides you’d like to pitch to gives you the best chance of being selected. In any case, planning ahead ensures that you are ready to capture the attention of holiday gift-buying early birds.

Though holiday shopping may begin early, some purchasing decisions take a long time to make. This is especially true for more expensive items. By planning and running your campaign early, you get on the radar of shoppers considering big purchases. You are able to keep your brand and product in their sights throughout the decision-making process and improve your odds of closing the deal.

Ready, Set…

Whether or not you plan to pitch to shopping guides, you’ll still need to decide what channels you’re pushing holiday promotions through. This is a great time to review your analytics data to get an idea for where you’ll see the greatest return on investment. Consider expanding your efforts into new channels as part of your holiday ramp up. Starting now gives you time to evaluate and gather data on your options before the madness begins.

Getting your ads out sooner rather than later has an added benefit: it gives you the chance to test and refine your copy and images before making the big push. If you’re going to increase your marketing budget for the season, it makes sense to use it on content that you already know is effective. Otherwise, you may find yourself hesitating to commit the funds you’ve set aside or end up wasting money on ineffective ads. When it’s time to go all in, you’ll want to do so with confidence.

Celebrating Worldwide

If your business sells to an international audience, inventory planning will ensure that your special offer is indeed available to your customers when they want it. Things to consider are which holidays potential buyers may be celebrating, how long it takes to ship something to their location, and when they do their holiday shopping. In Europe, for example, holiday sales typically begin the day after Christmas. Researching the quirks of your international market now will allow you to tailor your campaigns accordingly.

Wrapping Up

The holidays are prime time for marketing and sales. To capture their full potential, start planning now. Still have questions about marketing for the holidays? cThru media is here to help. Contact us to discuss strategy, coaching, and consultation services.