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Recently, we published a blog post on how to claim your Google My Business listing to ensure it displayed accurate information to share with potential customers. In this post, we’re going to dive into a few advanced options to help your listing work harder for you and deliver the information users want, faster.

Adding URL Attributes To Google My Business

Last month, Google introduced the option to tell the search engine what kind of information is contained on your web pages. You can add details about your location like if you have WiFi and outdoor seating.  These objective attributes can help you appeal to more users. The attribute tool uses Google’s API and may require a little technical savvy to make it work. To use URL attributes, download the Attributes Reference Spreadsheet from your Google My Business dashboard.

google  my business attribute example

An example of Marriott San Diego’s Google My Business showing objective attributes.

Images in Your Google My Business Listing

To give users an instant sense of you, your branding, and your store, use the “manage photos” tool to upload images that help show off your business. Choose images that show off what makes your store special or unique and really give people an idea of what it’s like to visit. When uploading them, tell Google what type of photo it is, such as a profile picture, logo, or cover photo. Google also recommend uploading photos of your products. For best results, images should be a minimum of 720×720 pixels in size.

dding photos to google my business listing

Want to take your listing to the next level? Add a virtual tour. Google makes it easy to hire a professional photographer by allowing you to request a quote, right from your dashboard.

Google My Business Reviews

Now that you’ve claimed your listing, added attributes, and posted quality images, there’s one more thing you need to do to increase your chances of getting found on Google My Business: earn reviews. In order to start showing up in search results, you’ll need at least 6. The more and better reviews you have, the higher up in results you’ll appear.

oogle my business review example

It may seem like customer reviews are completely out of your hands. Indeed, it’s never a good idea to try to manipulate the system by paying for fake reviews. It is in your power (and perfectly ethical), however, to encourage honest feedback from customers. To do that, you can offer discounts or free items in exchange for posting a review, like many businesses do on Yelp. Or simply ask customers to do so on menus, at checkout, using in-store signage, or on your website and social media accounts. If your business is BtoB don’t be shy in reaching out to your best clients and request a review. Most of the time they are eager to share the great experience they had with you.

When you ask, it’s best to make it as easy for them to complete a review as possible. Consider offering free in-store Wifi and instructions for leaving a review on Google My Business (users will need a Google profile to do so). Encourage users to add photos to their reviews as well to help develop a wide range of images of your business.

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